The Most Valuable Grenade Kings

After taking a look at the team specific utility in my previous post, I figured a further look into each individual player would possibly provide some insight into the specific style of player potentially pushing those statistics for their team. On first impression, it would be safe to assume that in a team, the players getting the most use out of their grenades would be the support player & the IGL. Through that same system, we would also assume that entry fraggers & AWPers may not be as reliant on their utility use and may post stats which are lower than average due to the other players using their utility for them instead.

In order to get a more in depth look on the individual players, I first had to set the context on my stats search. Apologies for not noting it in the previous post. The context of the search this time will be the following: Players on teams that have participated in the Top 10, 2018, minimum of 75 maps played per player. This means any players who have not played more than 75 maps on a top 10 ranked team will not be listed. BIG will be the biggest team not in the listing due to not having enough games played whilst ranked in the top 10. I would assume a number of their players would ordinarily place quite highly in pieces like this.

The 3 specific stats I had in mind when doing this research were the following: Average grenade damage per round, average flash assists per round, flashbang success (average opponents flashed per flashbang thrown. These stats for me, would show how players utilise their grenades the most efficiently as well as showing proof of output. It is worth noting that the only grenade not measured in this instance is the smoke as it’s somewhat difficult to track efficiency of smokes currently.

Below is a screenshot of the data collected:

At the bottom of the image, you can see the average, min, max & range of each individual statistic. I decided to group the individual statistics into different tiers, so to speak, as shown by the colour code. In an ideal world, you’d have all 5 players being capable of being in that middle of the pack to top tier range which would most likely result in better results.

As seen in the image, the clear top performers are Gla1ve and Zeus — both IGL’s for their respective teams. With both of them performing in the top tier range on every single statistic, it is safe to assume that they are more than capable of handling their utility well. This result from the research, essentially confirms the original theory at the beginning of the post stating that it is more likely that we’ll see support players & IGL players near the top of the grenade efficiency charts. However, whilst looking at the top end, we can also look at the bottom. Some notable low performers on the list are: ropz, rain, Edward, flamie & Lekr0. In recent months, Lekr0 has taken up the position of IGL for NiP. While there may not be enough of a sample size on that end for it to show currently, it is clear that by looking at the statistics available, Lekr0 is poor at utilising his grenades effectively. The other players listed all play a completely differently role to Lekr0 in their current teams. They are all, primarily, either entry fraggers or dedicated riflers which means they are very rarely the ones throwing the flashes: they are instead receiving them whilst pushing. This, once again, backs up the theory stated at the start.

Some notable performers on the chart, in my opinion, would be the following: flusha (8.5 damage per round, 0.04 FA, 0.67 success rating), nitr0 (4.4 damage per round, 0.07 FA, 0.66 success rating), FalleN (3.6 damage per round, 0.11 FA(!), 0.81(!) success rating).

Another way of potentially showing the proof behind my original statement, is by looking at the difference between AWPers and your “average” damage per round with grenades. There are a number of AWPers/Players who pick the AWP up often in this list: GuardiaN, FalleN, s1mple, device, oskar, chrisJ, JW, flamie. The average utility damage per round from these players collectively is 3.4, when rounded up from 3.38. This is WELL below the average utility damage of the entire list, which is 4.2 (4.16, rounded up). The main outlier in these players when it comes to looking at this stat however, is device who, through this year, has managed to average 5 damage per round using grenades. It is worth noting however, that their ability to flash for their teammates isn’t affected: oskar, FalleN, nitr0, and chrisJ were all strong performers in the flashbang categories, all placing in the top tier on at least one of the individual stats.

From the data gathered, I have 3 players who I believe are the most VALUABLE when it comes to looking at grenade usage.

3. Robin “flusha” Rönnquist

Flusha is 3rd on my list purely by his ability to produce so much damage from his grenades, whilst also putting out incredibly efficient flashbangs. His recent departure from fnatic may be a hindrance on his value as a player, but looking at the detailed stats here, we can see he is still a very valuable asset to any team: the ability to potentially improve other players with perfectly placed flashbangs allowing them to succeed as well is just one of the reasons to consider flusha a valuable asset.

2. Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko

Zeus is 2nd on the list. It’s very obvious why he’s managed to finish 2nd in this situation. As mentioned earlier on in the post, he’s managed to attain the top tier in all 3 statistics. People may be wondering: why is he not 1st in that case? He may be the only other player capable of competing with gla1ve using these advanced stats, but being able to compete doesn’t mean he is equal. His ability to provide good damage with grenades as well as being able to use his flashes for his teammates, means he’s a very valuable asset to any team.

  1. Lukas “Gla1ve” Rossander

While not having the highest figure in any of the individual statistics, he is very easily the most valuable asset to any team when looking purely at the grenade efficiency and usage. Being ranked 2nd in both the FA & grenade damage per round statistics, it shows that he is capable on both ends. A perfect asset to any team when looking at his grenade use. This doesn’t even include his initial affect on the game by being a phenomenal in-game leader as well as being a more than capable fragger as well.

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